Polonnaruwa – a glorious capital of ancient times

Still euphoric about my immersion in nature in Polonnaruwa, I decided to explore the surroundings before undertaking long and challenging journeys. Therefore, I spent my first weekend visiting Polonnaruwa’s archaeological site.

For three centuries capital of the chola kingdom as well as the sinhalese one, Polonnaruwa was an important commercial and religious center characterised by a vibrant environment.

At the end of the X century, after having conquered Anuradhapura, the chola dinasty (originally from the South of India) settled in Polonnaruwa making it their capital, mainly for strategic reasons. When the sinhalese king Vijayabahu I chased away the chola from the island he kept the capital in Polonnaruwa.

It reached its greatest splendour thanks to Parakramabahu I who built magnificent palaces, gardens and tanks.


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