Al-Khalil – Occupied Territories

After the six days war, a group of Orthodox Jewish guided by Moshe Levinger occupied the main hotel in Hebron, refusing themselves to leave. In a second moment, they occupied also an abandoned military base founding the settlement: Kiryat Arba. In 1979, Levinger’s wife guided a group of 20 women to occupy a building that is placed in the centre of Hebron and that was, until 1929, was the Beit Hadassah hospital. The Israeli government ended up approving all these actions and sent the army to protect the settlers. Now there are more then 20 settlements in the city and in the area.
In 1994 the Jewish settler Barukh Goldstein entered the Ibrahimi Mosque and killed, during the dawn prayer, opened fire from his submachine gun and killed 19 Palestinians. Despite the fact that the Palestinians were the victims, the Israeli government punished Hebron with a 30 day curfew during the which no one could leave its home. At the end, he closed the Mosque for a month and then decided to divide into two sections: one for Muslim and the other one for Jews with two separate entrances.
The Jewish claim they’ve installed in lands that belong to the Jewish tradition. The truth is that they are stealing land and houses by closing streets, buying houses (or by burning them) and dividing quarters of the city with barrages or wired gates. What is impressive about the Old Town of Al-Khalil is that the settlers have occupied the upper floors of the houses and they have the “bad habit” to throw garbage on their neighbour’s head: the Palestinians living on the lower floors. So while walking in the suq, if u have a look at the sky, what u see is a net that contains all the shit that these extremist throw in sign of disgust.
The Old Town lives under an Apartheid system. There are roads that are reserved to settlers and that Palestinians can’t use others where Palestinians can go only by foot and not with their vehicles. Some residents can’t use their house doors, so they must use windows or create new doors. Others can reach their houses via the neighbour’s roofs. Plus, there are neighbourhoods’ where it’s not allowed to enter if you aren’t a resident there, hence visitors aren’t allowed in. To get to some neighbourhoods’ you must pass through gates and physical search points.
All this is planned to guarantee a “good-living” of less than 400 settlers living inside and around the Old Town.


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